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Our online courses are considered by many to be the best in the industry.

During our courses you'll dive deep into the topics while enjoying an entertaining learning experience that'll help you upgrade your skills much faster.  Learn More...


We run onsite and remote workshops to take teams from zero knowledge to ZERO critical bugs in production. We cover topics like cost effective testing, web development best practices and introducing new & innovative web technologies based on real world experience. Just like our courses.. our workshops are super engaging and fun!

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Benefit from our experience so you can build, enhance and optimize your web development practices to get the best quality level products, faster. We'll help you achieve your goals through Consulting, Coaching, Migration, Team Skill Augmentation, Implementation (and anything else that ends with "ation"... ;)

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The right tools are crucial for the right delivery and efficiency. We have invested in building tools that help developers become more productive while staying focused on doing meaningful work. Some of our tools have become the recommended way of testing by thought leaders and core team members of the popular web technologies we support.
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We value the importance of collaboration especially in the domain of web development. Innovation and evolution of web technologies requires continuous exchange of ideas and thoughts. Over the years, we have mastered the art of community building. These days we proudly sponsor and lead some of the most friendly and professional JavaScript communities.

What They Say

We catch bugs we didn't realize we had and we catch regression bugs immediately!

Thanks for the work you do for our community. Your influence helped me to become proficient with testing tools, syntax, and strategy which has been a boon to my career and confidence as a developer and that will stay with me for life!

Chuck BlaiNE - National Heritage Academies

royi is a GAME CHANGER! It totally improved my coding abilities. By following their steps and guidelines I was able to become a pro in my Angular projects. It also exposed me to new tools that helped me write tests in a very structured manner and much faster. I feel confident now with my project thanks to HiRez and as a result of it - tests became part of my programming routine.

Royi Halperin, MATIFIC

Michal Štrajt

For me this was definitely the best online course I've ever seen!
You gave me sooo much motivation to write tests. Thank you! From now I am looking forward to write more and more tests

Michal Štrajt, ed house

ana boca

Thank you Shai for this course!
I also very much appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into everything with the HiRez courses, but specifically into the naming and metaphors.
From both a team and community perspective, having these metaphors and names is far more helpful than I think people are initially inclined to realize.

Ana Boca, Universal Plant Services

I got all of Shai Reznik's HiRez courses when I first landed my job at Nx, to help close gaps in testing I was worried about after getting the job, and the courses were perfect -
fun entertaining way of efficiently getting everything that Shai had learned from years of experience, I got in hours.

ZACK DeRose, NX TEAM & CREATOR OF supaship

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