A Decade Long Journey
Into Making Web Development
Fun & Easy!

What We're About...

We believe Software Developers should do meaningful work, live a balanced life and constantly upgrade their skills while having fun along the way.

Our Current Mission

To help companies get to ZERO Critical Bugs in production.

Our Values


We put our clients first and to us they are more than clients, they are friends. Empathy is required when designing a course, building a developer tool or building a community. This is one of our highest values and we try to always put ourselves on the other side and ask "how can we make what we're doing even better for our clients"


Life is to short to not have fun! This is one of our most important values - humor, lightness, friendliness  - all help reduce the stress in this fast changing and imposter syndrom filled world. We love to find ways to make everything we do more fun for our HiRez community and absolutely appreciate when they are keeping the same spirit with us.

Maximizing Effectiveness

We have a bug (not that kind of bug...) about effectiveness! We strive to make everything we can to make developers and teams more effective at what they do. We do it by creating learning materials that focuses on what's important, tools that are delighted to work with and saves hours of work and methodologies to share our lessons with the web development community.

Future & Innovation Focused

We LOVE the creative process. Combined with empathy and curiousity our team is always learning about the latest advancements in the web development world, but also outside of it. We use our creativity to connect points from different technologies to come up with better ways to solve current developer problems in a much more effective way. 

Our Leading Team


CEO & Founder

Shai Reznik

Passionate about web developmpent, teaching, marketing, improv and nonsense humor - Shai have been a leading figure in the JavaScript community since 2012.
A Google Developer Expert and veteran consultant and speaker who delivered entertaining and unique lectures all around the world.



Alon Barak

Alon is passionate about helping people  reduce stress by applying systematic thinking and problem solving. Great with people and with processes, he's a legendary producer and operation manager who can get things done in an optimal and fast way. 



Hitender Jha

Hitender is an expert in strategy and business development. He has more than two decades of experience in Information & Communication Technologies and consulting in the Digital Transformation space. Hitender holds a master’s degree in international business and has rich exposure to North American, European, and Asian markets.



Paz Pekin

Service driven and an expert at connecting clients' needs and the perfect solutionfor them, Paz is an invaluable asset to our team.

He has a business management degree with years of experience in international sales and is exceptionally creative who always find the best solution for our clients' needs.