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Cost-Effective Angular Testing

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Who is this Shai Guy?

Shai Reznik is the founder and lead instructor of
also known as "the Angular Testing Guy".
(or "that weird person with the funny Angular lectures" 😉)

He's a developer for almost 20 years and is heavily involved 
in the Angular community - writing, contributing, speaking,
entertaining & teaching developers all over the world.

Shai is a highly sought after consultant, personally helping dozens of companies 
build maintainable & testable large scale Angular apps
AND a world renowned speaker with talks in all the major
conferences viewed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

This Masterclass Will Show You...

  • How to ditch terms like "unit" & "integration" by learning 3 NEW testing strategies
    that will make you much more cost effective
  • How to speed up your learning by avoiding
    2 CRITICAL Angular testing mistakes
  • How to finally add testing to your company's busy day to day workflow

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