Get More Meaningful Work Done 
And Stop Wasting Time On Fixing Bugs 
And Inefficient Tests

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What Do We Want As Developers?

  • Get more meaningful work done (features, not bug fixing)
  • Upgrade our dev skills and INCREASE our confidence in code changes
  • Lower our stress levels! and stop getting bug related calls AFTER HOURS!

Sooooo What's Holding Us Back? πŸ€”

Mainly... BUGS! Especially because bugs are so unpredictable....

The big issue here is wasting time - 

  • Wasting time on fixing bugs
  • Wasting time on inefficient tests

"Hey, I already know that. I've tried this testing thing... it just doesn't work for me!" πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

WAIT! It isn't YOUR fault!

The way we're used to learn about Testing is ALL WRONG!

Terms like "Unit" or "Integration" tests only create confusion and make you feel testing is the more complicated than rocket science! πŸ˜…

But It doesn't have to be this way...

Let me show you an easier, more effective way to approach testing.

We call it...

(...Imagine drumrolls πŸ₯...)


You see, over the years we realized that testing is not just about confidence... It's about efficiency too!

"Cool! But... What About Angular?"

The problem Angular developers who try to learn about testing, face a lot of "officially recommended techniques" that just lead to frustration and wastage of time.

They are just not "Test Effective" enough!

This leads many Angular developers to just GIVE UP on testing altogether πŸ€¦β€β™‚️

That's why we created...

The Fastest Path To Become
a 'Test Effective Angular Developer'!

What's Included...

Check out all the goodies these self-paced courses contain


Value: $97
(Included with the package)

Test Effective JavaScript Theory 

⌚  1 hr 29 min

πŸ“½  15 lessons

Learn the Test Effective theory that serves as the base theory for all of the following courses. This course is a combination of both general testing theory and how it relates to JavaScript specifically. 

Here Are The Highlights Of What You'll Learn:

  • Why Testing Your Code
  • What is "Test Effective Development"
  • What are single vs multi action tests
  • What is isolated vs integrated testing
  • What are the different testing subjects
  • What are "Laser Tests" and "Flashlight Tests"
  • What are smoke tests and what should be their part in the testing strategy
  • Single action tests best practices
  • What is the optimal single action testing structure
  • And much more...


Value: $197
(Included with the package)

Angular Testing Basics & Isolation Session

⌚  3 hr 20 min

πŸ“½  37 lessons

πŸ’»  Code + Exercises + TDD Guide

All the basic knowledge you need in order to write isolated class tests from scratch. This is your first step to become an Angular TDD master!

Here Are The Highlights Of What You'll Learn:

  • How start testing from ZERO knowledge
  • How to structure micro tests in the most optimal way
  • How the tools work behind the scenes
  • What is the fastest way to write tests
  • What to test and what not to test
  • How to avoid common mistakes that makes your tests run super slow
  • What is TDD and how to follow 9 easy steps to speed your testing flow
  • What is isolation and how is it different from integrated testing
  • How to use the Angular injector to manipulate dependencies
  • How async testing works in the browser and in Angular
  • And much more...


Value: $597
(Included with the package)

Angular Class Testing In Action & Advanced RxJS Observable Testing

⌚  7 hr 15 min

πŸ“½  64 lessons

πŸ’»  Code 

In this course we’ll build a real app together, including login and registration forms, an http adapter, share state management decisions, write global error handling and cover advanced Observables use cases like switchMap and interval.
You’ll see how to test your code in real life scenarios, what’s the thought process behind the design decisions, and some cool tricks that will help you speed up your testing process.

Here Are The Highlights Of What You'll Learn:

  • How to TDD real services and components
  • How to take advantage of code coverage
  • Wrapping 3rd party services with adapters and writing their integration
  • Testing ajax requests in isolation
  • Class testing reactive forms
  • How to add spies in 10 seconds to speed up your testing process
  • How to test exported functions
  • The "Add, Switch & Delete" TDD Technique
  • Auto Re-Query - a cool reactive data fetching technique
  • How to use the "Just Enough" Principle
  • How to test SwitchMap and Interval -  the easy way
  • And much more...


Value: $297
(Included with the package)

Effective NgRx Testing

⌚  2 hr 30 min

πŸ“½  25 lessons

πŸ’»  Code 

This course will teach you easiest way to test your NgRx code. Learn the most effective reactive testing techniques that are adopted by members of the Rxjs and NgRx teams. This stuff works in real life! (not just in demo projects :)

Here Are The Highlights Of What You'll Learn:

  • An overview of NgRx for testing purposes
  • What is the MockStore and how to use it
  • How To Test All Types Of Selectors
  • Testing reducers - the no brainer way
  • The new API of the helper libraries
  • How To Test Effects With complicated RxJS code
  • The "Timely Arrival" technique - for testing "flattenning" operators
  • Practical examples you could take inspiration from
  • And much more...


Value: $297
(Included with the package)

Effective Cypress Testing

⌚  2 hr 41 min

πŸ“½  51 lessons

πŸ‘©β€πŸ­  Exercises

🧠  Quizzes

πŸ’»  Code 

Cypress is one of the most loved E2E testing tools by developers. In order to get full confidence we need a "Test Effective" E2E testing tool and this is exactly what Cypress is with its awesome developer experience, reliability and speed.

Here Are The Highlights Of What You'll Learn:

  • What is Cypress
  • Cypress VS Selenium
  • Why Cypress? A short history of the tool
  • What are the advantages of Cypress
  • The different parts of Cypress
  • How To Write Multi-Action Cypress Tests
  • Important "Gotchas" that will save you hours of debugging
  • What are "Smart Waits" and "Auto Assertions"
  • The most useful Cypress commands to know about
  • How to optimally configure Cypress
  • Quizzes & Exercises
  • And much more...


Value: $297
(Included with the package)

Effective Smoke Testing

⌚  2 hr 15 min

πŸ“½  47 lessons

🧠  Quizzes

πŸ’»  Code 

Learn the most cost effective E2E testing strategy that will help you sleep better at night knowing you didn't break the most important parts of your product. This course will show you all about the theory behind good smoke testing and the practical implementation of them. 

Here Are The Highlights Of What You'll Learn:

  • What are Smoke Tests and why do we need them
  • Smoke VS Sanity VS Acceptance Testing
  • The more "Test Effective" definition for Smoke Tests
  • The "Pass" Strategy
  • What are 3AM and 8PM tests
  • How To Know What To Include In Smoke Tests
  • Smoke Tests Structure
  • Smoke Testing Best Practices
  • Data Seeding Strategies and their pros and cons
  • What is the Lembas architecture
  • How to systemize your Smoke Tests
  • The "Adaptive Immune System" Strategy
  • The "Smoke Tracing" Strategy
  • Writing a full smoke test
  • DB Seeding in Docker + Postgres
  • And much more...

That Sounds Amazing!
But Wait....Who Is Teaching All This?

πŸ‘‹ Hi I am Shai Reznik

People know me as the "Angular Testing Guy".. or "that crazy person with the funny Angular lectures".

I've been a developer for over 16 years and since 2012 I've been heavily involved in the Angular community - writing, contributing, speaking, entertaining & teaching over 180K developers all over the world (and a few random people probably πŸ˜‰)

As a consultant, I've helped dozens of companies build maintainable and testable large scale Angular apps and reduced their amount of bug fixing tasks substantially.

In the last few years I took all of my testing experience and lessons learned and created a series of courses to help companies and developers like yourself to start enjoying the benefits of clean & testable code.

Shai and Bonnie

We swear we didn't pay them


"It was the best of The bestest.
The Observable testing and forms testing is an invaluable lifesaver.

Nothing is stopping me currently from writing tests, I am all powerful now thanks to you Shai"


"I Love To Work With RxJS, And Finally, There Is a Simple Way To Test Observables. Doing It Through A Real World Example And Live Coding Is More Immersive Than A Classic Tutorial Where Everything Is Perfect And Working Fine"



"By Taking These Courses And Applying "Test Effective Development" Our Teams of 15+ Developers Were Able To Reduce Our Unexpected Bugs  Amount By 20% Per Sprint"



"All the NgRx basic stuff was there,
so everything can be used in real projects.
I really enjoyed the approach you took from the component to the effect. Very structured and very organized. I also like how you try to avoid useless complications"

wil pannell


"'Best Course On Testing Angular Ever Written! The Only Angular Testing Course That Introduces GOOS Principles. Go Here First Before Anywhere Else To Learn How To Test Angular. It Is Very Easy To Mess Up Angular Apps By Following Other Recommendations.β€œ


β€œI got all of Shai Reznik's HiRez courses when I first landed my job at Nx, to help close gaps in testing I was worried about after getting the job, and the courses were perfect -
fun entertaining way of efficiently getting everything that Shai had learned from years of experience, I got in hours

Ε trajt

"For me this was definitely the best online course I've ever seen.
You gave me sooo much motivation to write tests. Thank you! From now I am looking forward to write more and more tests"


"Lots of useful details about how to work more efficiently with Cypress, and gotchas for what to look for.
Engaging and well-thought-out presentation.
Great demo preparation and the inclusion of quizzes was a nice way to keep the audience engaged and aid in retention.""

Save MONTHS of Trial & Error
By Learning From Real Life Experience

Basic PacKage

Best for developers who want to learn the fundamentals of testing Angular applications






  • 3 Self-Paced Courses
  • Over 4 hours of Knowledge
  • All Source Code Available
  • Fun & Engaging Experience
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • JavaScript Testing Theory
  • Angular Testing Basics
  • Test Effective TDD Guide
  • Isolation Session

PRO PackAge

Best for developers who want to learn how to tdd real Angular apps and become a professional Angular developer






  • 6 In Depth Self-Paced Courses
  • Over 14 hours of Knowledge
  • All Source Code Available
  • Fun & Engaging Experience
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • JavaScript Testing Theory
  • Angular Testing Basics
  • Test Effective TDD Guide
  • Isolation Session
  • Angular Testing In Action
  • Advanced Observable Testing
  • Effective NgRx Testing

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

To make it even more of a β€œno brainer” - there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If for some reason you think these courses didn’t meet your expectations, send us an email with the reason why and we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

The Best Review We Ever Got

"In the past, we tried to just get unit testing going over a 3-day off-site, but it failed. This course filled a ton of gaps that we still had even after trying to test for a few months, scouring the internet reading dozens of articles, books, listening to podcasts, etc.

The feeling now of having the amount of confidence about the state of our code at any given moment is very relieving."

A year after this review I asked Chuck if it's OK to use it...
and this is what he replied:


Is this a one time payment?

YES! No monthly or yearly payments

Is it possible to get a certificate in the end?

When you finish all the lessons of the course, ping us and we'll send you a shiny new certificate with your name on it and everything :)

What if I don't have time to go over the courses right now?

No problem!
You can take advantage of this limited time offer and start learning once your busy sprint is over.

Will I be able to purchase the courses once the limited time offer expires?

Yes, but it'll be for the full price

What if my company needs multiple licenses?

Good news for you!
We offer team discounts (and more bonuses for large groups)
Send us an email to with how many licenses you'll need and we'll take care of you

Can this knowledge be applied in other frameworks / languages?

Especially the TDD techniques and testing mindsets that are relevant to any piece of code in any framework or language.

Do we get the project files for each course?

Every course comes with a "downloads" page where you can download the project files and follow along the episodes.

Are the courses updated for the latest version of Angular?

The project files are being updated periodically to make sure nothing breaks with any breaking change from Angular.

The testing techniques do not change as often as the framework does, but when it is required, we update both the project files and course material.
If you run into any issues feel free to comment on the relevant episode or exercise or report it to us on and we'll fix it asap. 

What if I'll have more specific questions after I purchase the courses?

No worries! we got your back!
If you have any issue or question for a specific episode, you'll have a dedicated place to ask this question and see other's questions from the past.
If you have any technical issues you can always reach out to me or to and we'll take care of ya.

Do you only accept PayPal?

No! we also accept other payment methods
Please reach out to and let us know how you'd like to pay (credit or wire)