If you ever pushed nasty "business damaging" bugs to production you need to hear about...

My Unconventional Testing Strategy
To Get To Zero CRITICAL Bugs Without Wasting Time And Effort


That Moment When I Realized...

Unit Tests Are Not Enough!

It was late at night when I got the dreaded phone call from the team lead - 

"Shai... your code changes from earlier today just broke production!"   πŸ˜²πŸ˜²

Apparently,  the team decided to publish a new "hot fix" in the middle of the night (without waiting for QA)
and a change I made caused the app not to load.

I Felt So Embarrassed...

At that time I was so into "Unit Testing" and I was full of confidence because our coverage numbers were super high...

So I got up, went to my laptop and quickly commented out my changes and pushed the new version so they could publish the fix to the previous "hot fix". πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

The next morning I knew that...

We MUST Start Writing E2E Tests!

  • Unit Tests are "faking" reality and we also have to
    check the integration between the parts
  • Manually checking the browser is not thorough enough
    (and repetitive)
  • Waiting for QA slows us down!
100% unit tests zero e2e tests

So after lots of research of choosing the right tool, learning the syntax and starting to write and run E2E tests,
SUDDENLY we realized...

OMG! Regular E2E Tests

Are Not The Answer Either!?

If you ever tried writing "end to end" tests you know how hard they are to maintain...

Why Shai?


End 2 End Tests Are SUPER SLOW!

Spinning up a browser, DB, Docker and all the other layers your app consists of...
Plus actually running browser commands, waiting for ajax to return etc makes E2E tests run very slow compared to other type of tests... The more you add, the slower they get.

They Are The MOST FRAGILE Tests

The more code paths your tests go through and the more parts they "touch", the easier it is for them to break. And again the more tests you add, more of them break more often.


When E2E Tests fail it can be for multiple reasons and as mentioned earlier - the more shared pieces of code a test depends on, the harder it is to locate the specific problem which causes the failure. And (yet) again - the more E2E tests you write, the harder it becomes to debug them.


When developers "drop" their unit testing practices in favor of more integration and E2E tests they often don't realize that in order to truly cover all of the possible scenarios your code produces, you need to write exponentially more tests as your logic grows.  

But that's impossible to do, unless you want to spend all day chasing down broken tests or to wait for tests to finish running (because of the points mentioned above).

So we are NEVER really "fully covered" when we rely only on E2E tests... (unless we have like 1 million of them to test all the possible combinations of logical paths). So adding more of them wastes our time as developers without a true return on investment.

That's Why Developers End Up Not Running Them That Often
Or Just "Leave Them For QA To Deal With"...




glad you've asked...

Smoke Tests are few "Happy Path" tests which test only the CRITICAL user journeys of your app.

Smoke Tests Advantages Over Regular E2E Tests:

  • Run Much Faster (Since There Are Fewer)
  • Much Less Fragile (Break Less Often)
  • Easier To Debug And To Spot The "Root Cause"
  • Prevent Those "8pm" And "3am" Critical Bugs

Smoke Tests Are the Most
Cost Effective E2E Strategy There Is

Because it helps you to catch faster those CRITICAL bugs... you know... the ones you have to wake up in the middle of the night (3am) to fix, or stay late at the office (8pm) because the "buy"  button stopped working... 

"WOW SHAI! That sounds AMAZING!

I Need It YESTERDAY! What's The Fastest Way To Learn HOW TO DO IT RIGHT?"




Here's What You Get When You Invest In Your Future Self (Who'll Sleep Better At Night):


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⌚ 1 hr 29 min     πŸ“½ 15 lessons 

Learn the Test Effective theory that serves as the base theory for all of the following courses. This course is a combination of both general testing theory and how it relates to JavaScript specifically.


  • Why Testing Your Code
  • What is "Test Effective Development"
  • What are single vs multi action tests
  • What is isolated vs integrated testing
  • What are the different testing subjects
  • What are "Laser Tests" and "Flashlight Tests"
  • What are the advantages of Cypress
  • What are smoke tests and what should be their part in the testing strategy
  • Single action tests best practices
  • What is the optimal single action testing structure
  • And much more...
effective cypress testing

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⌚ 2 hr 41 min     πŸ“½ 51 lessons        πŸ‘©β€πŸ­ Exercises        πŸ§  Quizzes            πŸ’» Code

Cypress is one of the most loved E2E testing tools by developers.
In order to get full confidence we need a "Test Effective" E2E testing tool and this is exactly what Cypress is with its awesome developer experience, reliability and speed.


  • What is Cypress
  • Why Cypress? A short history 
  • The different parts of Cypress
  • Important "Gotchas" that will save you hours of debugging
  • The most useful Cypress commands to know about
  • Cypress VS Selenium
  • What are the advantages of Cypress
  • How To Write Multi-Action Cypress Tests
  • What are "Smart Waits" and "Auto Assertions"
  • How to optimally configure Cypress
  • And much more...
Effective Smoke Testing

Value: $297
(Included with the package)


⌚ 2 hr 15 min     πŸ“½ 47 lessons        πŸ‘©β€πŸ­πŸ§  Quizzes            πŸ’» Code

Learn the most cost effective E2E testing strategy that will help you sleep better at night knowing you didn't break the most important parts of your product. This course will show you all about the theory behind good smoke testing and the practical implementation of them.


  • What are Smoke Tests and why do we need them
  • Smoke VS Sanity VS Acceptance Testing
  • The "Pass" Strategy
  • Smoke Tests Structure
  • Data Seeding Strategies and their pros and cons
  • How to systemize your Smoke Tests
  • The "Smoke Tracing" Strategy
  • DB Seeding in Docker + Postgres
  • The more "Test Effective" definition for Smoke Tests
  • What are 3AM and 8PM tests
  • How To Know What To Include In Smoke Tests
  • Smoke Testing Best Practices
  • What is the Lembas architecture
  • The "Adaptive Immune System" Strategy
  • Writing a full smoke test

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"Lots of useful details about how to work more efficiently with Cypress, and gotchas for what to look for. 
Engaging and well-thought-out presentation.
Great demo preparation and the inclusion of quizzes was a nice way to keep the audience engaged and aid in retention."



"Lots of good content.
Provided good overview and I really liked the grouping categorization of the common commands."


"Great content and amazing presentation! 

I didn't mind that it was long

it kept my interest for sure!

Having the quizzes was also great."

The Best Review We Got So Far

ana boca

Ana Boca

Front-End Developer, 
Universal Plant Services

"Thank you Shai for this course!

I really like the split of tactics and strategy. I also very much appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into everything with the HiRez courses,
but specifically into the naming and metaphors

From both a team and community perspective, having these metaphors and names (Lembas, Past Interrupting Factor, 8pm Bugs, 3am Bugs, etc...)
is far more helpful than I think people are initially inclined to realize.

We are so looking forward to utilizing this terminology in our workflow.
The organization and splitting of the different files and file extension conventions was also memorable and I'm looking forward to implementing this!"

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