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Effective Cypress Testing

Cypress is one of the most loved E2E testing tools by developers. In this course you'll learn the most effective commands to start writing your tests in no time

🕗   2 hr 41 min

🎓   Beginner

Effective Smoke Testing

Learn the most cost effective E2E testing strategy that will help you sleep better at night knowing you didn't break the most important parts of your product

🕗   2 hr 15 min

🎓   Beginner

Angular Testing Basics

From ZERO knowledge in Angular Testing to the fundamentals you need to Master Test Driven Angular Developement.

🕗   3 hr 20 min

🎓   Beginner

Angular Testing - In Action

Build a real Angular app in TDD using the knowledge you learned in the Angular Testing Basics course, including testing more complicated RxJS Observables.

🕗   7 hr 15 min

🎓   intermediate

Effective NgRx Testing

The best way to test your NgRx code. Learn the most effective reactive testing techniques that are adopted by members of the Rxjs and NgRx teams.

🕗   2 hr 30 min

🎓   Beginner

A Qwik Introduction

Learn what is the Qwik framework, why it was created and how can you use it's powers to get 100 score on Google's PageSpeed no matter how big and complex your JavaScript app is.

🕗   3 hr

🎓   Beginner

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I highly recommend HiRez.io's testing courses. I took on of them when I planned to join an organisation that practiced TDD in an Agile XP environment. It paid off!  if you'rer on the fence - STOP! pay for the course and become a pro developer. 

Guillermo Arellano, CVS Health


Best course on testing angular ever written! The only course on testing angular that introduces GOOS principles. Go here first before anywhere else to learn how to test angular. It is very easy to mess up an angular applications by following other recommendations.

Wil Pannell, Industrial Logic

wil pannell

Our Unique Teaching Methodology

Over the past few years, we have enhanced our teaching methodology which is based on scientific principles to help our students get consistent results while enjoying an awesome learning experience.

Engaging & Based On Science

We take complicated topics and simplify them so that a 3rd grader could understand them.
Our courses are designed in a particular way to maximize knowledge retention and to be practical.
We use a lot of metaphors, humor, quizzes and exercises to make sure our participants won't forget what they've learned and could actually apply it to their day to day work.

Structured & Simplified

Our latest courses follow the "3 T Structure" - Theory, Tools and Tactics. First we cover the "Why" behind the solution - which problems does it solve. Then, we cover related tools that will enhance the solution even further. Lastly, we cover the "tactics" - how to actually use the technology in order to achieve the desired results.  


The best way to learn and apply a new technology or a technique is to follow the simplest "knowledge path". Our courses are designed in a way that builds the knowledge in layers, starting from the 20% most effective commands and techniques that provide 80% of the benefits. In later courses we cover the more advanced topics and edge cases. 

Want ZERO Critical Bugs? 

Get from ZERO testing knowledge to ZERO critical bugs in production.
Following our "Test Effective Development" methodology, you'll learn how to effectively use techniques like "Smoke testing" and single action testing to get your developers more confident and efficient. 

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Test Angular Like A Pro!

Learn how to test your Angular application in the most cost effective way. Using the latest tools and techniques that'll help you get your team from ZERO testing knowledge to test drive your Angular app with ease!

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Learn The Cutting Edge - The Qwik Framework

Qwik is a new framework created by Misko Hevery, Angular's Creator, which is perfect for any search engine facing website or app that needs INSTANT loading times and competitive advantage in SEO ranking.

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